Talent Pro Academy Programs

Prices differ depending on whether students enroll in the Standard, Pro or Pro+ Programs

Payment Options

  • Discounts are offered to students that would like to pay for the course, level or complete program in advance

  • These vary depending on the payment option you select


  • We offer flexible schedules for students that take into consideration their professional and personal commitments

  • Mornings, Afternoon/Evening, Saturdays (Standard Program)

Talent Pro Academy follows CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) for language diagnostic exams and for our classes.

How it Works

At TPA, we pride ourselves on using a variety of methods and strategies to ensure that all learners' needs are met.

We understand that each student is unique and learns differently.

We strongly believe that being immersed in the language is essential, that being said, the students' first language will be used only when absolutely necessary.

Since our classes are aimed to equip students with real-life language skills, we take a project based approach.

Students will frequently partake in different activities such as discussions, debates, essay writing, research projects, presentations, and more.

Our overall goal is to make our classes engaging and dynamic while also building up the students confidence in their second language.

Synchronous Courses

For each course, students will spend a certain amount of time each week in a live online class where they will be able to receive support and feedback from a certified native instructor.

This also allows students to participate and collaborate with their peers to further practice the English language in real-life scenarios.

Asynchronous Courses

Since we dedicate most of our live-class time to producing the language through speaking and writing, we provide asynchronous activities and tasks for students to work on independently outside of class.

This allows students to further practice grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, etc on their own and at their own pace.

These tasks are assigned through our intuitive learning platform where students can receive immediate feedback and have access to additional resources to solve any doubts they may have.