Talent Pro Academy strives to support its students in reaching their full potential. Our academy not only provides language courses for students, but also prepares them with the specific training to apply the English language in their career.

Below, we have listed examples of the career pathways in which we have supported our students.

Career Pathways

Explore while you learn!

Talent Pro Academy offers career pathways in a variety of fields, based on your interests.

Business Management & Administration

Entrepreneurship, finance, human resources & more.

Education, Teaching & Training

Teaching, speech-language, early childhood learning, special education & more.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Digital automation, robotics, construction, heavy-machine operation & more.

Information Technology (IT)

Programming, game design, networking systems, cybersecurity & more.

Marketing & Brand Building

Advertising, marketing communication, sales, merchandising & more.

Digital Design & Visual Art

Web design, graphic design, computer-game graphics, animation & more.

Discover Talent Pro Search

The world has changed, and the way we learn and collaborate needs to adapt to this new reality.

The Talent Pro Search platform is a key tool and asset that sets our academy apart from any other in the industry.

Upon completion of our language program, Talent Pro Academy students are connected to the Talent Pro Search platform that will allow them to search for jobs with foreign companies looking for international talent.

Companies trust the Talent Pro network due to our commitment to preparing professionals for work and success.

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